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AYO means more to me than a brand, or a wristband, or a t-shirt. AYO inadvertently saved my life. I experienced some of my darkest days and the longest nights, and the CEO reached out to me personally to literally ask if I was okay. And more than that, she made me feel comfortable some days to admit that I wasn't. We've all heard the saying, "You never know what a person is going through...." Looking forward to her messages every once in awhile was always something to look forward to; and her brand projects that onto other people. Now that I'm in a better mental space, I yearn to be for others, what Britt was for me! I have a few shirts, a hoodie, and wristbands. I LOVE when people ask me about the items I'm wearing so I can speak about mental health and AYOthebrand and the amazing mission behind it!

Chay S.

The CEO of AYO

💚 AYOTHEBRAND, LLC. was created by Brittney Johnson. Brittney is determined to break the stigma around & bring awareness to mental health. ✨AYO stands for Are You Ok?✨ and serves as a reminder to the world to check on someone, especially those closest to us; and most importantly ourselves. Little do people know and understand, this one question can turn someone’s life around. Ask yourself, “Am Ok?”. Studies show that the mental health stigma comes from lack of awareness and understanding - which resorts to feelings of shame, hopelessness, and isolation - making it harder to ask for an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. It’s ok to not be ok! Please join us in our fight. 💚

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